March 4

Foundations Of Inquiry 3 Questions

What is your Inquiry Question / Project?

My Inquiry Project is to make a Library Box into a safe cloud for school use, with a requirement for a username and password, administrator access, and which you can upload/download to from anywhere in the school.

What challenges have you had, and how did you come over them?

The interface may be harder to use without a set coded interface, it would just be working off of the default library box interface (which may require a command prompt/terminal login).

Some of the Command Prompt codes involving ssh commands and root commands where not working on the windows 10 technical preview.I overcame this by downgrading back to windows 8.1 for full command prompt access

With the current set-up it is mostly default, hence: there can only be 1 admin, no guest access, login is not secure, 3 default user accounts are already there

What are your next steps?


      -Delete the 3 default login accounts

      -Set-up new logins

      -Find out how to make more administrator accounts

-Wireless USB stick

      -When we get the Wireless USB transfer old files and date over

     -Upload without shutting down the Library Box

     -Set-up a password for the wireless USB

-Make a proper interface with Java?

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